Hennig, Martin; Krah, Hans (2020):
"Typologie, Kategorien, Entwicklung von Überwachungsnarrativen: zur Einführung." Narrative der Überwachung: Typen, mediale Formen und Entwicklungen. Eds. Hauptmann, Kilian; Hennig, Martin; Krah, Hans. Berlin: Peter Lang. 11-48
Article in Anthology

The article categorizes the role of media in relation to surveillance narratives. On this basis, a typology of surveillance narratives is developed, with the four fields 1) surveillance state, 2) surveillance mentality, 3) desire for surveillance and 4) self-monitoring. These are distinguished and differentiated by means of various media examples. In doing so, both the specifics of the respective fields and developments in cultural history that can be observed across the fields are worked out.