Raabe, Lukas (2020):
"Arbeite mit, plane mit, regiere mit!' – Doch bis wohin? Reflexionen zur Produktion deutscher Zeitgeschichte(n) und zum Quellenwert archivierter Überwachungsdokumente der DDR-Diktatur." Narrative der Überwachung: Typen, mediale Formen und Entwicklungen. Eds. Hauptmann, Kilian; Hennig, Martin; Krah, Hans. Berlin: Peter Lang. 255-282
Article in Anthology

Taking the narrative character of historical research into consideration, I discuss a socio- and cultural-historical source value of the documents of the Ministry for State Security (MfS) of the former GDR against the background of the collectivist imperative of the so-called socialist personality. In doing so, I suggest reading the texts of the surveillance organs as communicative appropriation practices that can offer insight into interaction and confrontation processes.