Khojastehpour, Adineh; Fomeshi, Behnam Mirzababazadeh (2016):
"'Words Are Signals': Language, Translation, and Colonization in Brian Friel's Translations." Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities 8.1: 122-131.
Journal Article

The Irish playwright, Friel is among the most prominent contemporary writers. In his works he deals mainly with socio-cultural issues in Ireland. His 1980 play, Translations focuses on the problem of language and cultural colonization in Ireland. Hailed as a postcolonial work, the play is not limited to the depiction of the problem; it presents some suggestions and probable solutions to the problem, especially with a different look at the role and significance of “translation”. While showing a tangible picture of colonial struggles, it tries not to depict a one-sided picture of the problem. The present paper focuses on Friel’s different view toward Irish colonization and Irish cultural nationalism. The objective of the paper is to show how Friel looks differently at the function of language and the crucial role of “translation” in colonial struggles.