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The Stacks is the subject repository for American studies, Anglophone literatures & cultures, Australian & New Zealand studies, British & Irish studies, Canadian studies and English, including all sub-fields.

By publishing in The Stacks, your research will be more visible. All uploaded material is made available in Open Access, either immediately or after the time span you choose. Read more on how to publish in The Stacks!


  • If a search item has more than one accepted spelling, all accepted spellings yield search results. Capitalization is not considered, e.g. the search query “theorize” or “Theorize” also yields results for “theorization,” “theorise,” and “theorisation,” etc.
  • By default, a list of search items is linked by “and”, e.g. the query “sea changes” lists results for “sea” as well as “changes.” However, both words do not occur necessarily side by side. If both words are for example connected by a hyphen, i.e. “sea-changes,” we advise, wherever possible, to include the hyphen in your search query. Otherwise, the specific title you have in mind might be listed further down in your results than you would expect.
  • To start a search query for a specific word order, put your search items in double quotation marks, e.g. “"constant sea-changes".”
  • To start an “or” search query, separate the search items with “OR,” e.g. “sea OR changes.”
  • If you are looking for a specific date follow this format “yyyy-mm-dd.”

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