Taking media scholar Henry Jenkins’s concept of ‘convergence culture’ and the related notions of ‘participatory culture’ and ‘transmedia storytelling’ as points of departure, the essays compiled in the present volume provide terminological clarification, offer exemplary case studies, and discuss the broader implications of such developments for the humanities. Most of the contributions were originally presented at the transatlantic conference Convergence Culture Reconsidered organized by the editors at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany, in October 2013. Applying perspectives as diverse as literary, cultural, and media studies, digital humanities, translation studies, art history, musicology, and ecology, they assemble a stimulating wealth of interdisciplinary and innovative approaches that will appeal to students as well as experts in any of these research areas.


Claudia Georgi; Brigitte Johanna Glaser, eds.

Convergence Culture Reconsidered: Media - Participation - Environments


Claudia Georgi; Brigitte Johanna Glaser


7 - 9 (2015)

Claudia Georgi

Reconsidering Convergence Culture and Its Consequences for Literary Studies

13 - 29 (2015)

Gorčin Dizdar

Mediating Meaning in Botticelli’s 'Primavera'

33 - 48 (2015)

Robert M.W. Brown

The Enemy of Environmentalism: Struggles with Divergent Convergence

49 - 63 (2015)

Inga Untiks

Performing Identities and Convergent Aesthetics in Contemporary Estonian Video Art

65 - 76 (2015)

Annika Rosbach

Translation and Convergence Culture: German Renderings of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

77 - 91 (2015)

Florian Freitag

‘Scribner’s Illustrated New Orleans’: Convergence Culture and Periodical Culture in Late 19th-Century America

95 - 110 (2015)

Jan-Erik Ella

Expanding Worlds: Neo-Victorianism, Fan Fiction, and the Death of the Author

111 - 122 (2015)

Sabina Fazli

Aspects of Victorian Serial Publication in Neo-Victorian Fiction: 'The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters' and 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'

123 - 138 (2015)

Stephanie Kader

“When in Rome …”: Convergence Culture in Science Fiction Fandom

140 - 158 (2015)

Nicole Gabriel; Bogna Kazur; Kai Matuszkiewicz

Reconsidering Transmedia(l) Worlds

163 - 194 (2015)

Andrea C. Valente

Can Man with a Movie Camera Shoot Enemy Zero? Convergence and Transcoding in Michael Nyman’s Musical Scores

195 - 207 (2015)

Lai-Tze Fan

Converging Media and Modes: Digital Textuality and the Dissolution of Media Borders in Steven Hall’s The Raw Shark Texts

209 - 220 (2015)