Fomeshi, Behnam Mirzababazadeh (2013):
"The Concept of Death in John Donne and Sohrab Sepehri: A Comparative Study." k@ta 15.2: 77-83.
Journal Article

Death has always permeated human’s thoughts at all levels. This preoccupation with death is manifested in the realm of literature. John Donne is one of the artists whose obsession with death is universally recognized. The contemporary Iranian poet, Sohrab Sepehri in some of his poems employs the subject, too. Unlike Donne, Sepehri is not known as a ‘death poet.’ Although he lives in a turbulent period in the history of Iran, he is not influenced by his immediate condition. While the English poet is inconsistent in his treatment of death, Sepehri is consistent in his treatment of death. Sepehri’s consistency in the treatment of death has something to do with his religious beliefs. The reason behind Sepehri’s consistency in treating death as a positive phenomenon is his familiarity with the Islamic Sufism and eastern mysticisms.