Dorfman, Ben, eds. (2016):
Dissent! Refracted: Histories, Aesthetics and Cultures of Dissent. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Political and Social Change 3.

This collection of essays addresses the ongoing problem of dissent from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives: political philosophy, intellectual history, literary studies, aesthetics, architectural history and conceptualizations of the political past. Taking a global perspective, the volume examines the history of dissent both inside and outside the West, through events in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries both nearer to our own times as well as more distant, and through a range of styles reflecting how contested and pressing the problem of dissent in fact is. Drawing on a range of authors and international problematics, the contributions discuss the multiple ways in which we refract memories of dissent in cultural, historical and aesthetic context. It also discusses the diverse ideas, images and phenomena we use to do so.

Ben Dorfman: "Refractions: Dissent and Memory" 11 // Barbara J. Falk: "The History, Paradoxes, and Utility of Dissent: From State to Global Action" 23 // Barbara Martin: "History as Dissent: Independent Historians in the Late Soviet Era and Post-Soviet Russia: From 'Pamiat’ ' to 'Memorial'" 51 // Bent Sørensen: "Dissent as Race War: The Strange Case of Amiri Baraka" 77 // Hasmet M. Uluorta: "The Tea Party: An Ethical All-American Performance" 95 // Stephanie Sapiie: "Intellectual Identity and Student Dissent in Indonesia in the 1970s" 117 // Janina Gosseye & John Macarthur: "Angry Young Architects: Counterculture and the Critique of Modernism in Brisbane, 1967–1972" 141 // Verita Sriratana: "'But That is Perhaps Why I Can Talk of Where I Want to be Without Always Being Dragged Back to My Starting Point': Rethinking and Re(-)Membering Czech and Slovak Histories of Violence and Dissidence through the Historical 'Infranovel'" 165 // Ben Dorfman: "Intellectuals and Dissent: Dennis Rodman, Memory Refractor" 183 // Kalle Pihlainen: "Jean-Paul Sartre and the Post-1968 Ethic of Anti-Representationalism" 209 //