Messmer, Marietta; Frank, Armin Paul, eds. (2015):
The International Turn in American Studies. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Interamericana: Inter-American Literary History and Culture 7.

The volume is a contribution to the ongoing debate on the internationalization of American Studies. The essays by European, American and Latin American scholars provide critical evaluations of a wide range of concepts, including trans-national and post-national, international, trans-atlantic, trans-pacific, as well as hemispheric, inter-American and comparative American studies. Combining theoretical reflections and actual case studies, the collection proposes a reassessment of current developments at a time when American nations experience the paradoxical simultaneity of both weakened and strengthened national borders alongside multiple challenges to national sovereignty.

Marietta Messmer: "Introduction: Transcending Borders: The International Turn in American Studies" 7 // Michael Boyden: "The Semantics of Self-Denial: The New American Studies Through the Lens of Luhmann’s Social Systems Theory" 45 // Ricardo D. Salvatore: "If Bolton Were to Awake Today: Early Efforts Towards a Comprehensive Hemispheric History of the Americas" 63 // Jane C. Desmond: "'And Never the Twain Shall Meet?': Considering the Legacies of Orientalism and Occidentalism for the Transnational Study of the US" 89 // Earl E. Fitz: "Inter-American Literary Studies in the Early Twenty-First Century: The View from the United States" 103 // Josef Raab: "Difference Matters: Toward an Inter-American Approach to ‘Race,’ Ethnicity, and Belonging" 129 // Amós Nascimento: "Inter-(African-Latin-)American: An Experiment in 'Inter-Location'" 173 // Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez: "Transnationality and Temporality in Early African American Texts" 209 // Armin Paul Frank: "A Rationale for a Comprehensive Study of the History of United States Literary Culture" 231 // Daniel Göske: "The Literary World in the 'American Renaissance' and the International Context of American Studies" 271 // Reprinted Essays // Earl E. Fitz: "Inter-American Studies as an Emerging Field: The Future of a Discipline" 305 // Claudia Sadowski-Smith & Claire F. Fox: "Theorizing the Hemisphere: Inter-Americas Work at the Intersection of American, Canadian, and Latin American Studies" 321 // Liam Kennedy: "American Studies Without Tears, or What Does America Want?" 359 //