Ayhan, Bünyamin, eds. (2017):
Digitalization and Society. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang

This book presents a collection of papers by researchers from several different institutions on a wide range of digital issues.

Digitalization describes the phenomenon of how knowledge is processed and the processed knowledge provides social transformations beyond digitization, interaction, annihilation of time and space, the phenomenon of usage in multimedia. Transformed is not only the society but also its mentality. Digitalization reveals a sui generis digimodern process by processing modern structures with the help of compulsory tools. This process is a reconstruction of social structures and institutions on the basis of the digitalization perspective. Each social institution adapts this process and provides a contribution to the digitalization of society.

Mehmet Akgül: "Digitalization and Religion" 9 // Bünyamin Ayhan: "Digital Literacy" 29 // Haldun Soydal: "Digital Economy and Bitcoin" 49 // Hasret Aktaş: "Digital Politics" 75 // M. Nejat Özüpek: "Digitalization and Civil Society" 91 // Ayhan Uludağ & Yusuf Yalçin İleri: "Digital Health" 113 // Selahattin Çavuş: "Historical Development of Games and Digital Games as a Product of the Culture Industry" 135 // Abdurrahman Savaş: "Digitalization and Law" 153 // Fatma Nur Yorgancilar: "Changing Face of Economic System: Digital Economy and Its Efects on Employment" 175 // Salih Tiryaki: "Digital Photography from Diferent Aspects" 189 // Tuba Livberber Göçmen: "Digitalized Culture of New Generation" 201 //