Bait, Miriam; Brambilla, Marina; Crestani, Valentina, eds. (2016):
Utopian Discourses Across Cultures: Scenarios in Effective Communication to Citizens and Corporations.Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang

The term Utopia, coined by Thomas More in 1516, contains an inherent semantic ambiguity: it could be read as eu topos (good place) or ou topos (no place). The authors of this volume analyze this polysemous notion and its fascination for scholars across the centuries, who have developed a variety of visions and ways to explain the «realization» of utopian discourses. The experts in the fields of sociology, political science, economics, computer science, literature and linguistics offer extensive studies about how utopian scenarios are realized in different cultural contexts.

Miriam Bait: "The United Kingdom Is(a)land of Utopia: Self-Representation of City Councils and Communicative Strategies towards Citizens" 13 // Federico Boni: "The Utopia of Communication - The Myth of Communication as a Positive Value" 27 // Paola Bozzi: "Sex and the City: Berlin and the Utopia of a New Discursive and Visual Urban Frontier in the Branding of the Creative Place" 43 // Paola De Vecchi Galbiati: "Self-adaptive Organisms: The Evolution of Organizational Models and Systems" 61 // Rafaella Folgieri: "Technology, Artifcial Intelligence and Keynes’ Utopia: A Realized Prediction?" 73 // Angela Lupone: "The 'Green Beautiful' Option for the WTO-Multilateral Trading System: Cutting the Edge between Feasibility, Pragmatic Approach and Utopia in Governing the Multiple Aspects of Globalization in Food Markets" 87 // Gloria Regonini: "Administrative Simplifcation Between Utopia and Nightmare" 105 // Marina Brambilla−Valentina Crestani: "Online University Presentations in German: Virtual, Utopian and Green. A Multimodal Analysis" 127 // Giampietro Gobo: "The Care Factor: A Proposal for Improving Equality in Scientifc Careers" 157 // Claudia Gualtieri: "The Release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Findings on Indian Residential Schools in Canada, 2 June 2015" 185 //