Mayer, Margit (2017):
"Whose city? From Ray Pahl’s critique of the Keynesian city to the contestations around neoliberal urbanism." The Sociological Review 65.2: 168-183.
Journal Article

It is instructive to look at Pahl’s Whose City? from today’s perspective, though urban development and governance, in fact the very definition of the urban, have fundamentally transformed over these last 50 years. Comparing and contrasting the meaning of Whose City? then and now allows for a critical reflection of the changes neoliberal restructuring has wrought on urban landscapes and various stakeholders struggling over (the definition of and access to) the city. Such comparison helps to shed light on the (changing) role of urban sociology and urban theory in these transformation processes in general and on the ways in which critical urbanism has changed in response to these processes in particular.