German Historical Institute Washington, DC: Occasional Papers

Peter Graf Kielmansegg; Gordon A. Craig

Forty Years of the Grundgesetz (Basic Law)

1 (1990)

Axel Frohn, ed.

Holocaust and Shilumim: The Policy of 'Wiedergutmachung' in the Early 1950s

2 (1991)

Michael Wolffsohn

The World Jewish Congress and the End of the German Democratic Republic

3 (1991)

Wolfgang J. Mommsen

The Return to the Western Tradition: German Historiography since 1945

4 (1991)

Clemens Clay

CDU Deutschlandpolitik and Reunification 1985-1989

5 (1992)

Hartmut Lehmann, ed.

Felix Gilbert as Scholar and Teacher

6 (1992)

Bruce Levine

The Migration of Ideology and the Contested Meaning of Freedom: German-Americans in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

7 (1992)

Hartmut Lehmann, ed.

Culture and Politics in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Germany

8 (1992)

Jürgen Fijalkowski

Aggressive Nationalism, Immigration Pressure, and Asylum Policy Disputes in Contemporary Germany

9 (1993)

Ludger Kühnhardt

Ideals and Interests in Recent German Foreign Policy

10 (1993)

Jeffrey Herf

East German Communists and the Jewish Question: The Case of Paul Merker

11 (1994)

Detlef Junker

The Manichaean Trap: American Perceptions of the German Empire, 1871–1945

12 (1995)

Jeffrey Herf

Cornerstone of Democracy: The West German Grundgesetz, 1949–1989

13 (1995)

Wolfgang Krieger

The Germans and the Nuclear Question

14 (1995)

Hartmut Lehmann; Melvin Richter, eds.

The Meaning of Historical Terms and Concepts: New Studies on Begriffsgeschichte

15 (1995)

Melvyn P. Leffler

The Struggle for Germany and the Origins of the Cold War

16 (1996)

Eberhard Kolb

Was Hitler's Seizure of Power on January 30, 1933, Inevitable?

18 (1997)

Geoffrey J. Giles, ed.

Stunde Null: The End and the Beginning Fifty Years Ago

20 (1997)

Michael Zöller

Bringing Religion Back in: Elements of a Cultural Explanation of American Democracy

21 (1998)

Thomas A. Brady

The Protestant Reformation in German History

22 (1998)

Sander L. Gilman

How I Became a German: Jurek Becker's Life in Five Worlds

23 (1999)