Jurado-González, Gabriel Santiago (2019):
"Multiculturalism, Education and Whiteness: A Review of 'Multicultural Education and the Protection of Whiteness' by Angelina E. Castagno (2013)." Highlights from the Americas. Special issue of americana 1.1: 1-7.

This paper examines Angelina E. Castagno’s text “Multicultural Education and the Protection of Whiteness” published in 2013. I suggest that, even though Castagno’s gives great insights on multicultural education as practiced by teachers, she does not criticize the theory behind its practice. The text also expands the literature in the topics of multicultural education and critical whiteness studies. I begin by summarizing Castagno’s methodology and main conclusions then I introduce what, in my opinion, was not included as part of her analysis and finally I remark the importance of critically approaching multicultural education and any other method used to construct a more equitable environment for education.