Jokschus, Max (2024):
"Somewhere, in Hell: Narrative Topography and Artistic Voice in Mike Mignola’s 'Hellboy in Hell'." Religion, Glaube und Fantastik / Religion, Faith and the Fantastic: Symposium 2022 in Bochum. Eds. Fleischhack, Maria; Schmitz, Patrick; Kullmann, Carsten. Göttingen: Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen. 156-167. Inklings-Jahrbuch; 40.
Article in Anthology

The place to which comic book hero Hellboy descends in Hellboy in Hell: The Descent (Mignola 2014), is your typical Hell only in as much as Hellboy is your typical devil. Rather than facilitating the torment of the damned or providing the setting for a grandiose finale, Mignola constructs his Hell as a place of deceleration and reflection. This essay analyses the function that Hell fulfills for the Mignolaverse, both in terms of its meaning to Hellboy, as well as its relevance in the creational context of Hellboy as a multimedia franchise.